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Survey on the Management of WorkCover Injuries

11 December 2013

Recently we conducted a survey on the Management of our WorkCover injury appointments.  We had been experiencing increasing complaints from our company clients and the injured workers regarding the appointments and waiting times. 

 There were two options for supervisors and workers to choose from and these were:

Option 1: Maintain our current system, which is that we may not be able to issue you, as a company client, a suitable appointment time and your workers will complain about the duration of their waiting time.

Option 2: Apply a no appointment needed system; that is sending your injured worker in any time before 3pm with knowledge that they will be seen that day.

We now have the results as 86% in favor of Option 1, leaving 14% for Option 2.  So with the results now at hand, I would like to ask you to continue phoning us before bringing a worker into the office to ensure we can accommodate your needs. 

We would like to thank those that participated in the survey.