Workplace Noise – Guidelines:

WHS – Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at work – Code of Practice 2011:

Audiometric testing is an important part of managing the risks from noise exposure at the workplace.

  1. New Employees or those changing roles (within 3 months)
  2. 2 Yearly thereafter
  3. More frequent testing may be needed at high LAeq, 8h, which is equal or greater than 100 dB(A).
  4. Audiometric testing and assessment of audiograms should be carried out by competent persons in accordance with the procedures in AS/NZS 1269.4:2005 – Occupational noise management – Auditory assessment.

Services The Health Advantage offers:

  • Testing to AS/NZS 1269.4 using Australian Standards Audiometers and Sound reduction Booths.
  • Testing at Toowoomba and Dalby Offices.
  • Testing at your workplace (mobile sound booth).

The Health Advantage Difference:

  • Skilled interpretation of results.
  • Notification to the candidate of any serious on work related problem found.
  • Comparison to prior audiometries where available.
  • Advice to employer if a significant work related problem is present.

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