Key Benefits of JobScreen™

» Improved risk management tool for safer recruitment
» Improved turn around time of results for faster recruitment
» Improved quality and consistency of results
» More relevant assessment matched to the physical job role demands

Why Screen?

Research shows that employers who screen prospective employees prior to job placement are more likely to have lower rates of injury, lower absence rates from work due to injury and lower medical costs resulting from injury. (1, 2)

A pre employment assessment therefore is one of the most important and cost effective risk management strategies to help ensure safety at work and to reduce the costs associated with injuries and claims.

About Jobscreen

Through an exciting and new partnership with Konekt, The Health Advantage is able to offer their customers JobScreen™.

JobScreen™ is a new and improved system for conducting pre employment assessments. Dr Vern Madden from The Health Advantage collaborated with Konekt on the development of JobScreen™. Dr Madden is one of Australia’s leading Occupational Health Doctors and Konekt is one of the largest providers of workplace health and safety solutions in Australia.

JobScreen™ will provide employers with the highest quality results and the fastest turn around time possible to ensure the most suited candidates are recruited safely into jobs sooner. JobsScreen™ improves the quality of pre employment assessments by combining the benefits of a medical examination with the benefits of a functional assessment. The functional assessment is designed to match and test the physical demands of a job role. The medical examination and customised functional assessment offered in JobScreen™ is therefore a better system to identify safety risk than a standard medical assessment performed on its own.
The advantage of offering JobScreen™ at both The Health Advantage and Konekt means that assessments can be completed in all capital cities and most regional areas within Australia.

Online Medical Questionnaire 

The online medical questionnaire is secure and password protected and can be completed prior to the medical / functional assessment in the prospective employee’s own home or wherever an internet connection can be accessed. Alternatively, the online medical questionnaire can be completed in one of The Heath Advantage’s offices before the assessment.

The online medical questionnaire has been carefully designed to record and investigate all past and current health issues.

If “Yes” is answered to any primary medical question, a series of relevant medical follow up questions are then asked to ensure the issue is thoroughly investigated. Medical algorithms have been programmed to run in the background to interpret the results.

The online medical questionnaire has a significant advantage over traditional paper based medical history questionnaires which do not offer the same level of consistent issue investigation and interpretation.

Functional & Medical Assessment

Musculoskeletal injuries are the primary reasons why workers have time off. Workers who have not undergone a pre-employment physical assessment have been shown to have over double the risk of sustaining a musculoskeletal injury and incur over four times the cost of work injury claims. (3) 

JobScreen™ addresses this issue by including a functional capacity evaluation in the assessment. The functional capacity evaluation is a series of specific physical / functional tests to assess a worker against the physical demands of a job. These tests include range of movement, upper and lower limb testing, a back injury risk assessment, cardiovascular fitness, tolerance to working in different postures and manual handing.

JobScreen™ therefore is a better risk management tool for assessing a workers occupational match to a job role than a standard pre employment medical examination which does not assess a worker’s functional ability to perform the job to the same level.

The JobScreen™ medical / functional assessment takes one hour and is completed by a Registered Occupational Health Nurse. The assessment data is entered online into JobScreen™ and includes the following components:

» Functional capacity evaluation
» Audiology test
» Spirometry test
» Vision test
» Short medical exam
» Optional drug and/or alcohol test

Doctor Review and Sign Off

JobScreen™ uses a set of relevant medical algorithms to analyse and interpret the data obtained from the online medical questionnaire and the medical / functional assessment. The results are then available online for a Doctor to review and report.

The Doctor quality checks all results and provides a signed off report which details the prospective employee’s overall suitability to the job role. Any specific restrictions or recommendations for the job role are also detailed in the report.


When the Doctor has signed off the assessment, an easy to understand high quality electronic report detailing the prospective employee’s suitability for employment is instantly available to the employer. The full results of the medical questionnaire and functional medical assessment are also available if requested.
JobScreen™ therefore ensures the highest standard of medical accuracy and consistency is maintained by using Registered Occupational Health Nurses to conduct the assessment, medical algorithms to interpret data and Doctors to review and report on the results.

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